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If you are a hotel/motel/place of business that wishes to unload its furnishing goods, you are where you need to be! First, an important piece of business advice: do not simply throw away your furnishing goods – even if they are 5 to 10 years old – you may very well still be able to turn a profit. Universal Hotel Liquidators (UHL) has been in business since 1999 liquidating the used furniture of hotels as part of the hotel asset recovery process – while maintaining many of the same clients. This is because UHL makes sure that every liquidation process benefits both business entities. We firmly believe in establishing strong bonds with other in the hotel/motel industry.

With up to 100 trucks and 75 licensed drivers you can be certain that the removal of your old furniture assets will go rapidly and smoothly. We have been known to clear 200 to 300 hotel rooms in a single night because we understand – every day or night your room is not available for use, you lose money.

That is not what we want. Remember: we function only to create mutually beneficial business interactions. Now, if your place of business intends to both liquidate and purchase through UHL, we can ensure that primarily every aspect of your hotel renovations go as swimmingly as possible – and such piece of mind is hard to come by.

However, if your aim is primarily to liquidate your furnishings to make room for brand new goods, and not our quality pre-owned furniture, we can ensure a tried and true three-step method.

  • First, a personal meeting is set with the company manager to answer any questions you may have and expedite the initial phase of liquidation.
  • Second, our skilled employees will work with you to create a customer-specific liquidation schedule.
  • Third, UHL works out all of the details to ensure that the furniture removal process of your goods is smooth and almost effortless on your part.

Universal Hotel Liquidators looks forward to helping you update and renovate your hotel/motel/place of business.

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Hotel liquidation for the Grand Hyatt in NYC

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