Hotel Asset Recovery

Universal Hotel Liquidators are experienced professionals working in the hotel asset recovery sector

Their years of hard work have resulted in a strong reputation and a dedicated base of customers in their Connecticut warehouse, which. With 10 trucks and 75 seasoned movers, they have been known to clear over 300 rooms in a night. They know the ins and outs of the business and are prepared to serve any hotel no matter the distance. That’s why so many choose to give Universal Hotel Liquidators a try, and they almost always come back.

How The Hotel Asset Recovery Process Works

Maximize Your Returns With Minimum Effort

If you are a hotel owner or manager, you know that it is very important to upgrade your furniture every few years to maintain a fresh and new look. But what should you do with all your old furniture? Unlike most typical home furniture, hotel furniture is built to be extremely durable and has a very long lifespan ahead of it. Why not sell it and make a decent amount of money in the process? How can you do it? Hotel asset recovery is your answer!

Universal Hotel Liquidators will buy your old furniture, transport it, and sell it to customers at wholesale prices. In other words, everyone wins!

Picking The Right Company

When looking for a company to do your hotel asset recovery, you want to avoid picking one that only promises to give you the best possible price for your inventory. Instead, you should be much more concerned with what company can do the job as efficiently as possible. The more days that rooms are unable to be occupied, the more business you will lose out on, especially if you need to empty an entire large hotel. You want the job done quickly so you can resume business as soon as possible.

Doing The Job The Right Way

Clearing out hundreds of rooms in a couple nights is a true feat of coordination and brute strength. The difficulty of such an operation is easily lost on hotel management. A few guys and a pickup would hardly be sufficient. An army of well-trained workers and a fleet of moving trucks are essential. Even then, it can sometimes take multiple days to clear larger hotels.

Why Choose Us?

A good hotel liquidation company knows what obstacles are to be expected and how to overcome them. To have an efficient and worthwhile hotel asset recovery, you need a company with the right mindset and reputation. This is why Universal Hotel Liquidators is the best choice for all your hotel asset recovery needs.

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