Residential Furniture

At Universal Hotel Liquidators, it doesn’t matter if you’re a college student, apartment renter, or homeowner, because we have something for everyone! We specialize in wholesale furniture, as well as home electronics and appliances. Much of our inventory is liquidated from hotels, motels, and other business. Please remember that pre-owned does not mean an inferior product. In our case, it’s the exact opposite.

This is because the majority of our furniture inventory are of commercial grade.This means they were built to last for decades, even under conditions of heavy use, while still maintaining the allure of upscale hotel furnishings. A good deal of our furniture from hotels is only about 5 years old. This means that these products are only about one third of the way through their lifespan when they come into our hands. Thus, rest assured, our exquisite prices do not come at the expense of the quality of the goods – they come in addition to them.

Furniture Categories


UHL carries basically any furniture item that a residential consumer would require. From kitchen, bedroom, and living room furniture to common household electronics and appliances – Universal Hotel Liquidators is the one-stop shop for the shrewd furniture consumer. Each individual product is sold at the lowest wholesale price. If you are looking for products to fill an entire room, we also offer full room packages too! These packages typically include a complete bed set (box springs, mattresses, etc.), bedroom furniture (night stands, armoires, etc.), and den/study furnishings (desks, chairs, lamps, etc.). By buying goods for a whole room at once, residential consumers not only get the best possible wholesale deal on product pricing, they are assured that all of the pieces match, and are of equal quality.

Thank you for selecting from our cheap modern furnitureinventory. We’re here to help you save money and appreciate the support of your local furniture store!

For more details on products and room packages, browse our products or give us a call. We look forward to making your home as comfortable and stylish as you wish without putting your finances in an uncomfortable position.