Hotel Furniture Liquidators & Asset Liquidation

Universal Hotel Liquidators, based in New Haven, Connecticut, has been in the hotel furniture liquidators business since 1999. With a fleet of 10 trucks, 75 professional movers and a 75,000 square-foot liquidation warehouse, our liquidation company is committed to being hotel and motel liquidators that give our clients personalized, accommodating and efficient customer service. We are liquidators that have successfully provided our services to satisfied clients not only in Hartford, Greenwich, Southbury and Trumbull, Connecticut but also to establishments in New York City, New Jersey, South Carolina, Wisconsin and Orlando, Florida.

As a hotel or motel general manager, owner, or CEO you might be faced with the duties pertaining to a massive renovation or redecorating project that involves liquidation of large amounts of hotel furniture and assets while continuing to operate on a normal day-to-day basis. You can be assured that Universal Hotel Liquidators will adapt to your liquidation schedule no matter how quickly the job needs to get done to enable you to do business without interruption.

When we arrive on the scene, Universal Hotel Liquidators is always prepared! We have the tools, carts, dollies and a fleet of trucks capable of safely and efficiently completing the task. Our movers not only are experienced and pay attention to detail but they are also careful, cooperative, enthusiastic and almost invisible so your guests will hardly know they are there. We know what it takes to work around existing guests or to meet a deadline. What makes us an outstanding hotel furniture liquidator is our dedicated and expert staff, made up of people who have hands-on-experience in the furniture liquidation business. As furniture hotel liquidators in today’s high-tech world, we are computer savvy and use the latest technologies to expedite your hotel liquidation project. Our objective is to build personal relationships with our clients and to fulfill our agreements with honesty and professionalism.