The best new and used furniture deals in CT

Need some great furniture? You do not have to sacrifice your personal independence for fear of living an under-furnished and uncomfortable lifestyle. There is furnishing goods market that few know about. Discover used hotel furniture! This hotel liquidator market is the answer to your prayers.

Serving Connecticut, New York & Massachusetts

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Residential Furniture at Wholesale Prices

Universal Hotel Liquidators (UHL) provides residential furnishing products at wholesale prices to West Haven Residents, New Haven furniture customers and throughout New England. When it comes to residential furniture we offer everything from desk lamps for college students to beautifully finished armoires for newlyweds, not to mention, all at prices which are unbeatable!

The other great thing about UHL is our broad product base and skilled employees allow us to the fit the needs of our home and apartment shoppers alike! (¡Se habla español!)

Get Great Furniture from Preeminent United States Hotel Liquidator

Commercial & Wholesale Furniture

Full rooms for your home or business

Universal Hotel Liquidators (UHL) provides commercial furnishing products at wholesale prices to hotels/motel/businesses throughout the East Coast (and expanding). For the commercial consumer, UHL has the capacity (a 75,000 sq. ft. warehouse) to provide complete furnishing for entire floors and wings of hotels and motels. In particular, our liquidators are known commercially for their full room package deals. In these used hotel furniture packages, every bit of furniture for a room can be bought as one item, thus bestowing the best possible price on the client. But, do not get us wrong, no commercial need is too small for us either! That is the great thing about UHL, our broad used hotel furniture base and skilled employees allow us to the fit the needs of the big and small hospitality establishments everywhere! (¡Se habla español!)

Hotel Liquidation Service

Liquidate hotel furniture, fixtures & assets

Universal Hotel Liquidators (UHL) provides professional liquidating services to hotels/motel/businesses throughout the East Coast (and expanding). For those hotels, motels or other businesses looking to liquidate their furniture and fixture assets, UHL is ready at a moments notice to sit down and draw up a calculated liquidation plan and execute it with the same professionalism that earned us our reputation! With years of hotel liquidation experience, the removal of your valuable hotel furniture is executed efficiently.