FFE Furniture Fixtures and Equipment Liquidation

Universal Hotel Liquidators

Here at Universal Hotel Liquidators, we’re well known for our vast furniture selection and our ability to provide a wide range of furniture solutions at wholesale prices. This selection is largely due to the professional and expedient liquidation services that we provide. We offer multi-tiered liquidation services to hotels and resorts that are looking to sell off their pre-owned furniture, fixtures, and equipment or FF&E. Utilizing our liquidation services is an important part of what allows hotels to stay current and competitive in today’s market. Selling off their pre-owned items is the first step in updating the look and feel of their establishment.

What is FF&E?

The term stands for furniture, fixtures and equipment but these are assets that are important to any business but especially hotels. They’re items with no permanent connection to the building or room. Things like televisions, beds and desks. In a hotel FF&E directly affects their value and in doing so their profit as well. That’s why upgrading their FF&E is important for them to remain appealing to their customers.

How can UHL help your business liquidate FF&E?

Universal Hotel Liquidators has been constructed to handle any sized liquidation assignment. We’ve handled partial liquidations to full multi-million dollar projects. We have the experience and a proven and dependable track record.

Whenever we accept a new client our President David White personally meets with them in order to assess the organization’s liquidation needs. This is an important part of our process because we realize no two hotels/resorts are exactly the same. This means that each one needs a personalized and tailor made project plan. We utilize a fleet of ten trucks which means we’re able to accommodate your liquidation schedule and it truly is our focus to be able to meet your goals.

Universal Hotel Liquidators employs over seventy professional movers, all of which are completely covered under our liability insurance. We will do everything in our power to make the removal of your FF&E as smooth as possible, while helping you to receive maximum asset recovery.