About Us

Universal Hotel Liquidators is famous throughout the Greater New Haven area for our massive furniture inventory at discount prices. At any given time, our warehouse has tens of thousands of square feet of quality furniture for both residential and commercial shoppers! We continue to attract a broad and diverse clientele, from college students to the Hilton Hotel Corporation. We have everything you could possibly need to outfit your home, hotel, or office at bargain prices!

High Quality Furniture At Low Prices

Our inventory comes from two main sources:

  1. Items that come from luxury hotels. Hotels take great care of their furniture and liquidate it about every 5 years to make room for new furniture.
  2. Brand new commercial-grade furniture that come directly from the manufacturer.
  3. As a result, we are have an excellent selection of furniture at the lowest possible wholesale prices (often 80% off the original price)!

Our Furniture Liquidation Service

Universal Hotel Liquidators offers professional liquidation services to hotels and businesses who need to sell off their furniture and electronics while still turning a profit. We can efficiently liquidate a few rooms or an entire hotel at the rate of our client’s choosing.

UHL takes a three-step approach to the liquidating your hospitality business’s furniture assets:

First, we set up a meeting with you to answer any questions you may have and expedite the initial phase of liquidation.
Second, our skilled liquidation team will work with you to create a liquidation schedule centered around your timetable.
Third, we work out all the final details to ensure that the removal process of your furniture goes smoothly and remains almost effortless on your part.

All of UHL’s movers are covered under liability insurance.

So, Why Wait? Come Buy Great Furniture Built To Last!

Whether you’re college student looking for a cheap desk, a motel looking to change the look of your rooms, or a large hotel looking to get update your furniture, UHL is at your service. With trucks and professional personnel at your service, Universal Hotel Liquidators has built a sterling reputation with hotel clients in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, South Carolina, Wisconsin, and Florida. We look forward to a mutually beneficial and satisfying business experience with our present and future customers!

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