Mr. Coffee Single Serve Coffee Maker


Recently acquired for a hotel. Selling as-is.  In good working order.



Mr. Coffee Single Serve Coffee Maker PTC13-100

User instructions

  • 1. Open the top cover and swing the shower head arm away from the filter basket.
  • 2. Coffee can be placed in the permanent filter.
  • 3. Add Single Cup Coffee Pouch or Pod.
  • 4. Fill a cup with cold tap water and pour it into the water reservoir.
  • NOTE: To avoid risk of scalding or other injury, do not attempt to brew into any container that can be harmful.
  • 5. Swing shower head filter in place above filter and close the top cover and press the ON switch.
  • The Mr. Coffee light will automatically shut off when brewing is completed.
  •  The Mr. Coffee instant food and beverages. note: do not place anything other than water in the water reservoir. Before making hot water, clean the filter basket and permanent filter. Pour water in water reservoir. Place contents from instant food or beverage packet into a cup. Close the top cover and press the ON switch.

This is not meant to use K-cups.