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Furnishing on a Student Budget with UHL

Getting everything you need for a new apartment as you start school in a new city, not knowing exactly what to expect, can seem intimidating. But one thing you shouldn't have to worry about, and luckily don't need to worry about with Universal Hotel Liquidators, is furnishing your new digs.

As the premier furniture outlet in CT, we offer total room packages for students in need of the essential furniture for moving into their dorm or apartment. We have top options for students that will continue to last throughout your college years and beyond. These are the absolute essentials for any dorm room or apartment. At UHL, we provide you the top discount furniture for a fraction of the cost, helping you to save and make your dollars go farther.

We offer complete living room sets for college apartments. Including everything from couches and ottomans to desks, TVs, and even artwork, all on a student-friendly budget. Since the living room is often shared with other students, the goal of the room should be to aim for furniture that is comfortable. For students, it is important to not only find comfortable furniture but to find it at a reasonable price! Here at UHL, we can make sure you have all of your room essentials while saving money. Our kitchen package for college students includes a table and chairs, a modern style floor lamp, a large mirror and, if necessary, a refrigerator. This stylish package is a nice addition to any apartment or dorm room. This gives you a way to maximize your kitchen space while filling it with quality, affordable pieces. You are able to add personality to your kitchen space, without breaking the bank with high-quality pieces that are sold well below their value. You can turn a plain kitchen into a new space that's entertainment-friendly. You can have the feel of a newly designed kitchen, without the sticker shock!

Check Out The Latest UHL Commercial

We're happy to announce that we've shot a brand new commercial that we're ready to unveil to everybody. To view our past commercials and be the first to know whenever we post a new one, subscribe to the Universal Hotel Liquidators Youtube Channel.

What to Consider When Shopping for Cheap Furniture

When you're looking for cheap furniture there are more things to consider besides price. Things such as quality, its look and a number of other features. Of course, what I am talking about is value. We wrote an article on several points to consider when shopping for cheap furniture for your home and it's chock full of helpful information. It's titled: Buying Furniture: Cheap Options to Consider. Take a look!

Best Tips on Setting up a Home Office on a Budget

Working from home is becoming increasingly popular nowadays. People see it as a way to replace mundane offices with a familiar and cozy atmosphere of their home. A home office can start off with just a laptop and a sofa, which can then gradually be replaced by newer, more expensive furniture and equipment. However, not everyone has the room, means and the budget to go all in and invest an arm and a leg while setting up their workplace, and there's also no need to do things the usual way. Here are a few tips on how you can save money and still have a well functioning and comfortable home office. Carefully use the space you have It's not necessary to redo an entire room in order to have an enjoyable working environment, and not every office has to start from scratch. Be aware of the space your home has to offer, and use it to the fullest. Some people prefer to be entirely isolated from the rest of the household when working, so they choose to convert their basement or attic into an office. Also, consider separating a part of a larger room with a screen and claim that as your new office. Green is the way to go There are good ways to save both your money and the environment at the same time. You should consider buying smaller computers, phone chargers and lights that save energy. Also try and recycle paper and turn off all the equipment when you are not using it. As far as lights are concerned it is both environmentally friendly and cheaper in the long run to use LED lights instead of the regular incandescent bulb: LED bulbs can last around 20 times longer than the incandescent ones. Don’t be afraid of a bargain The internet and the local paper are filled with possibilities for a good purchase, if you're ready to look for it. Don’t be shy to check out a garage sale or a second-hand store. Just because it is not new it doesn’t mean that it is broken or ugly. Some people just get tired of their stuff, or decide to upgrade. This is you chance for you to find great furniture that can give your office a more sophisticated look for half the price. Hotel liquidators also sell fantastic furniture you probably could not afford otherwise. Electronic stores often offer some nice discounts, so make sure to check them out regularly, especially in time for holidays. Do it yourself When I say this I actually mean two things. First of all, make yourself familiar with all the equipment that you need, so that when a problem arises you can fix it yourself without calling a professional. Secondly, a lot of office furniture comes in do-it-yourself kits. Make sure you have all the parts, screws and latches and spend a quiet afternoon assembling you new office furniture. Cable management By using a simple USB hub, you can route all of your USB devices (mouse, keyboard, printer, card reader) to one place, and then connect them through just one line to your laptop. This way you will eliminate a mess of cords on the side of your laptop or computer without having to go wireless. Use a binder clip to keep your speakers and power cables in order. With a little courage and ingenuity you can set up a great home office and not spend more than you can afford. What are some of your ideas for setting up a home office on a budget? Miles Newman is a home improvement and DIY geek, writer and blogger. He's currently writing for ROF, Australia's most popular online office funiture store. When he's not writing, he spends his time relaxing with a cup of fine tea and a good, old-fashioned book. The easiest way to say hi to Miles is through his Google+ page.

Learn More About Furniture Manufacturer Guest Designs International

Not all furniture manufacturers are created equal. We were reminded of that fact when we were putting together the brand page for Guest Designs International. They're one of the leading hotel furniture manufacturers in the country and they've been producing commercial furniture projects across North America and overseas for over 10 years. They're versatile as well, manufacturing everything from headboards, nightstands, to credenzas and mirrors. To find out more about the company visit the Guest Designs International furniture manufacturer page.

Learn More About Furniture Manufacturer Directline Hospitality

We're proud of the furniture we offer at our store and with good reason. Our store is filled with quality made furniture from storied and highly skilled manufacturers. Manufacturers like Directline Hospitality. To give our customers the sense of the pedigree behind many of the pieces he offer we decided to create profile pages for some of the more prolific furniture manufacturers. You can visit the Directline Hospitality brand page on our site to get a better sense of their company and why they've been successful for so long.

High End Hotel Furniture For Less

A hotel's furniture says a lot about its establishment, and trust us when we say, your customers are listening. When it comes to selecting furnishing for your hotel sometimes only the best will do. Filling your hotel with quality furniture will help you acquire quality guests. But what's the best way to go about getting that furniture? We wrote "How to Shop for High Quality Furniture for Your Hotel" to answer that question. It's a quick article and goes over some of the best ways to acquire high quality furniture for hotels, what to look for, and how to get everything you want without going bankrupt.

Hotel Liquidation Done Right

If you operate a hotel there will come a time where you'll feel the need to update your furnishing and amenities. The most common and easiest way to do this is through liquidation. But like most things, there's a right way to go about this. That's why we wrote "How to Benefit from Hotel Liquidation." It's a great resource to help hotel managers navigate the sometimes confusing process of liquidation. And if after reading through the article you still have questions then feel free to contact us or take a look at our own hotel liquidation page.

Tricks for Finding Cheap Hotel Furniture in CT

People with private residences aren't the only ones who come to us looking for a bargain on great hotel furniture. Hotels themselves are always on the look out for ways to improve their properties without breaking the bank and they're some of our best customers. And to lend a helping hand we wrote, “How to Find Cheap Hotel Furniture in CT” to make the process of finding trusty and cheap hotel quality furniture easy for local property managers.

Getting the Most out of Hotel Liquidation

We focus a lot on liquidation from the point of view of our customers. Which makes sense, we get high quality furniture from some of the best hotels in the country and then we're able to sell it for incredibly low prices. It's a great way for people to stock up on cheap furniture without straining their budgets. But we don't always touch on all of the benefits hotels receive from hotel liquidation. That's why we wrote, “How To Get The Most Out of Hotel Liquidation.” This is a great piece for hotel managers looking to improve their property through liquidation. And also pulls back the curtain a bit and gives a sense of what hotel managers have to deal with in order to keep their properties competitive.