Cheap College Furniture

Where to Get Cheap Furniture for College Apartments

One major hurdle that most college institutions come across before they get well established is finances. This is not helped by the fact that these colleges need to set aside quite a big budget in order to fully furnish the college apartments. The question that most ask is where can they get quality but cheap furniture for college apartments?
A little research can lead to an awesome discovery; that there exist some stores which stock cheap furniture for college apartments. Even better news is that if your college is within Connecticut or in the neighborhood of CT, then you are in luck. Universal Hotel Liquidators is a company that stocks high quality used furniture items which we sell at very low prices.

Why Buy From Us?

Quality College Apartment Furniture

Our company sources for top quality, durable, stylish and classy furniture items from hotels that are liquidating their assets when they are renovating their premises, or when they are upgrading their interiors. Since most of these hotels are up market, you can be sure what we get is equally up market.

Low Prices

Immediately an item leaves a shop, its value automatically depreciates greatly. It’s also given another name; it’s no longer a new item but a used or second hand item. As a result, should you want to sell this item, you will need to price it at a fraction of its original price. This is what happens to the items we buy from these hotels. We acquire almost new items at very low prices. We then extend this low price to you.

Wholesale Prices

Besides offering low prices, we also have special wholesale prices and bargain prices if you buy a number of items together. This further lowers the price of the quality items you buy from us. Since most college institutions will buy in bulk, we offer very attractive prices.

Online and Offline Presence

Not only do we stock these items in our warehouse at West Haven, CT, but we also have an online store where you can do your shopping without necessarily having to come all the way to the warehouse. This makes your shopping experience convenient, cheaper and easier.

So, if you are looking for commercial grade, stylish, durable and cheap furniture for college apartments that fits within your budget, talk to us today or visit our online store