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We are Still Selling Summer Furniture!


We are still getting summer furniture in here at Universal Hotel Liquidators! If you are still looking to create the perfect summer space, why not purchase a new set of outdoor furniture? We recently sold a beautiful outdoor loveseat, coffee table and lounge chair set that would go perfect with any home.

Our summer furniture is selling fast, so if you still want to pick up our last minute summer furniture options, then come down today! Our deals on new and lightly used furniture from hotel liquidation are the best around.

From outdoor bars and stools to patio furniture, we can assure that you will have the best outdoor space for the summer. For a place to relax by the fire or just to have a quiet outdoor oasis, Universal Hotel Liquidators has the perfect outdoor furniture at an affordable price.

The perfect outdoor lounging space will allow to sit in the sun - or the shade - and enjoy pristine views of nature. We have cushioned chairs and sectionals that allow for a cozy place for guests to gather around for easy entertainment. If you are interested in transforming your yard into a perfect getaway for you family and friends, contact us today!

David White Discusses Universal Hotel Liquidators with Scott Haney on Better Connecticut

David White recently made an appearance on the show Better Connecticut with Scott Haney. David discussed his hotel furnishing deals with Scott, showcasing the trendy decor offered in our 75,000 square foot warehouse in West Haven. David not only showcased some of the newer products that we have in stock, including a chair and matching ottoman from the Marriott Vacation Club in New York City, but also a great many other deals and pieces that are available at Universal Hotel Liquidators.

UHL offers many modern decor ideas to change the look of your home or room. From pictures and nightstands to couches and lamps, everything is reasonably priced. A lot of the furniture, as White explains, comes from hotels up and down the east coast with particular focus on the Boston to New York corridor. When hotels renovate, every six years or so, all of their furniture is liquidated and that’s where David White and Universal Hotel Liquidators step in and are able to purchase these gently used items at a fraction of their worth and pass the savings on to the customer. Being open since 1999, UHL has been dedicated to providing quality furniture at a fraction of the price.

Not all of the furniture is gently used, some of the furniture is brand new from stores or hotels. With thousands of different pieces from chairs and couches to lamps. Mirrors, and even dining room sets, one never knows what will be showcased at UHL. As Scott Haney of Better Connecticut pointed out in his discussion with David, there is an almost unlimited supply of furniture for redecorating your home at an unbeatable price. By shopping at UHL, you can not only get lavish furniture without overspending, but you will get quality furniture to last for years!

How Much Do Hotel Reviews Matter?

There are a lot of things that go into running a successful hotel because When you think about it, hotels offer a lot of different experiences to their guests. Everything from restaurants, to pools, to pull-out sofas and gift shops. And why do the great hotels not only excel at all of these things but go above and beyond for their guests? Well for good reviews of course! And sure, a lot of money. But if there is one thing that helps hotels make a lot of money it's positive word of mouth. It's something that has been valuable to the hospitality industry—and really all customer focused enterprises, since the dawn of commerce. But thanks to the digital age reviews have taken on a greater level of importance. Take a look at this article on which features a study focused on all of the different factors that play into a guest's decision to stay at which hotel. Here are the takeaways from the study in handy infographic form: hotelreview As you can see reviews play a big part in a traveler's choice of hotel, whether it be for business or leisure. Have you looked up your hotel on Yelp lately and decided that your reviews could use a little oomph? Because if so this is something that we can help with. We've been spending years helping hotels renovate and improve their décor by liquidating their properties. Bottom line: liquidation is a vital step in improving a hotel and no one does liquidation better than we do. Try us out.

Hotel Liquidation Made Easy

Running a hotel isn't easy. We feel as if we're authorities on this because we have to work with any number of high scale and successful hotels day in and out. The liquidation business can be complicated, and while we're experienced and we do everything in our power to make the process go smoothly, that (and selling cheap furniture) is all we do. But if you're the one actually running the hotel the process is even more complicated. First, you have to decide whether or not you even should liquidate. And how do you come to this conclusion? By closely watching your bottom line? The changing styles? Or just taking customer comments and reviews into account? Likely it will be a mix of all three (or more) and that's before anything is even liquidated. Before any new furniture is purchased and moved in. And then consider that this is only one small part of running a hotel. So yeah, not easy. While we can't help you plan your restaurant's 7 course meal or help find a guest's lost phone (unless it's stuck in a sofa) we can definitely liquidate your property in a quick and efficient manner. Want proof? Take a look at us in action. And for more information about our hotel liquidation services feel free to contact us.

Check Out The Latest UHL Commercial

We're happy to announce that we've shot a brand new commercial that we're ready to unveil to everybody. To view our past commercials and be the first to know whenever we post a new one, subscribe to the Universal Hotel Liquidators Youtube Channel.

What to Consider When Shopping for Cheap Furniture

When you're looking for cheap furniture there are more things to consider besides price. Things such as quality, its look and a number of other features. Of course, what I am talking about is value. We wrote an article on several points to consider when shopping for cheap furniture for your home and it's chock full of helpful information. It's titled: Buying Furniture: Cheap Options to Consider. Take a look!

Learn More About Furniture Manufacturer Guest Designs International

Not all furniture manufacturers are created equal. We were reminded of that fact when we were putting together the brand page for Guest Designs International. They're one of the leading hotel furniture manufacturers in the country and they've been producing commercial furniture projects across North America and overseas for over 10 years. They're versatile as well, manufacturing everything from headboards, nightstands, to credenzas and mirrors. To find out more about the company visit the Guest Designs International furniture manufacturer page.

Learn More About Furniture Manufacturer Directline Hospitality

We're proud of the furniture we offer at our store and with good reason. Our store is filled with quality made furniture from storied and highly skilled manufacturers. Manufacturers like Directline Hospitality. To give our customers the sense of the pedigree behind many of the pieces he offer we decided to create profile pages for some of the more prolific furniture manufacturers. You can visit the Directline Hospitality brand page on our site to get a better sense of their company and why they've been successful for so long.

High End Hotel Furniture For Less

A hotel's furniture says a lot about its establishment, and trust us when we say, your customers are listening. When it comes to selecting furnishing for your hotel sometimes only the best will do. Filling your hotel with quality furniture will help you acquire quality guests. But what's the best way to go about getting that furniture? We wrote "How to Shop for High Quality Furniture for Your Hotel" to answer that question. It's a quick article and goes over some of the best ways to acquire high quality furniture for hotels, what to look for, and how to get everything you want without going bankrupt.

Hotel Liquidation Done Right

If you operate a hotel there will come a time where you'll feel the need to update your furnishing and amenities. The most common and easiest way to do this is through liquidation. But like most things, there's a right way to go about this. That's why we wrote "How to Benefit from Hotel Liquidation." It's a great resource to help hotel managers navigate the sometimes confusing process of liquidation. And if after reading through the article you still have questions then feel free to contact us or take a look at our own hotel liquidation page.