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Furniture Liquidators in New Haven County

November 9th, 2017

If you are looking for furniture deals in the New Haven County area, then check out what Universal Hotel Liquidators has in store! They have been providing their customers with terrific furniture deals, and have been in the hotel liquidation business for years. They receive liquidation from many top 4 and 5 star hotels, businesses and anyone who is looking to liquidate lightly used to new furniture.

Their furniture outlets in CT can provide you with everything from furniture to appliances to fill you space on a budget. Whether you need interesting pieces of artwork or reasonably priced flat screen TVs - Universal Hotel Liquidators has something for everyone.

Whichever room you need furniture for, you can always find a great deal. For kitchens, you can find kitchen tables, chairs and even fridges. For the living room, you can find couches, end tables, ottomans, coffee tables, wall art and TVs. For bedrooms and dorms, you can find bed frames and mattresses, lamps, mirrors and even mini fridges.

Universal Hotel Liquidators make shopping for bargain furniture simple and fun. You can even find accessories like accent rugs and accent chairs to elegantly decorate your room. Whether you are a business, motel or a student - you can find the perfect furniture for your space. Contact Universal Hotel Liquidators today to get the best furniture at unbelievable prices.

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Design Your Space at A Low Price!

October 14th, 2017

If you are looking for discount furniture to compliment rooms in your home or apartment, UHL has everything you need to design on a dime. Our hotel liquidations include a lot of classic and traditional furniture which will add character to your space. With a wide range of styles and colors to chose from, our furniture will create high-drama to go perfectly for different types of spaces.

If you want relaxed, contemporary or fun and eclectic - Universal Hotel Liquidators has everything to cater to your personal style. Our furniture is ideal for students, apartment owners and even homeowners or businesses looking to extra extra pieces of furniture or decor without breaking the bank. Whether you are looking for comfortable sofas or accent chairs, we have just the design for you.

We also have many multi-functional pieces in our warehouse. These pieces are not only versatile but can save space and money. We have a stylish ottoman that can double as a coffee table. We also have couches that are also sleepers for extra guests. We an end table that also function as extra storage spaces, an armchair with an attached ottoman and a chair from the Mandarin Hotel that also functions as a bench. We even have dressers that can also function as a table.

For living room and dining room areas, we have many different options. For tables, we have different styles from rectangular to round. A great table needs chairs that will go along with it. If you would like to add artwork to decorate your rooms, we have different pieces of framed art that is great for formal or casual spaces. A decorative room will also benefit from having an intricate mirror. This will not only add glamour to your room but also make it look bigger by creating depth and reflecting light.

So if you are looking to add style to your space, then contact Universal Hotel Liquidators. We receive deliveries from hotels/motels and other places of business to deliver you great furniture at warehouse deals. Update your space with new or quality pre-owned furniture from top hotels.

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Residential and Commercial Furniture at Wholesale Prices

October 1st, 2017

When searching for Furniture outlets CT with wholesale priced furniture, it is often difficult to find around the New Haven area. Hotel liquidations from Universal Hotel Liquidators does not mean the furniture it is worn out - in fact many of the pieces that we take from hotels are in brand new in-package condition. We get many room packages from hotels, that are perfect for the individual looking to redesign a whole room in their house. Our furniture is also great for the commercial consumer, where you can furnish the entire floor of your company. With these deals, the only thing to lose out on is not purchasing them!

Every type of furniture piece you can imagine is probably offered at Universal Hotel Liquidators. The great discount furniture selection is what brings customers back again and again. Why pay top price for an in-fashion chair, when you can spend a fraction of the cost and still be up-to-date with style? The furniture that we get at warehouse deals can be yours at a fraction of what Ikea costs. You do not have to pay top price for stylish furniture. Here at UHL, we can offer you everything from appliances to couches, all at a bargain price.

If you want residential furniture in West Haven at wholesale prices, we get furniture from hotels, motels and businesses. For those looking to liquidate furniture, we will be there at a moment’s notice. We have been in the New Haven Furniture business for years, and will gladly help you liquidate or purchase furniture. Since 1999, we have been liquidating hotel furniture, being apart of the hotel asset recovery. Each liquidation is beneficial to both parties, which is the reason we still do business with many of the same clients.

If you are interested in liquidation, the process always goes smoothly. We have the resources (100 trucks and 75 drivers) to help safely deliver your furniture to our warehouse. We regularly clear 200 - 300 hotel rooms in one night - so we can clear hotels in a prompt fashion. We will be able able to create a liquidation schedule together that will meet your guidelines. Whether you are looking to liquidate hotel furniture, or just purchase new items - Universal Hotel Liquidators is your go-to place for all things furniture!

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How Comfortable Study Settings Enhance and Enforce Good Studying Habits

September 5th, 2017

When you have the right furniture, it will make make your dorm room environment much more comfortable to study. A poorly furnished dorm room or apartment can divert your attention from where it needs to be to focusing on a space that is not adequately furnished.

Comfortable furniture is everything when you are a student in college. You need a space that you can study for hours on end without getting uncomfortable, but also a space for lounging in your downtime. Your space needs to be efficient and functional - just enough furniture and accessories for your room to help you function better throughout the semester. Some of the other furniture pieces that we have include a chaise lounge or a stylish, yet comfortable couch.

For furniture that is ideal for studying, we have many pieces that will fit the category. We have great wooden desks that can be paired with a desk chair and a desk lamp to provide the optimum space for studying. We also have comfortable side chairs that are perfect for leisurely reading, that also add sophistication and style to your space.

For living room furniture in a dorm or apartment, we have coffee tables and ottomans that will pair nicely with a couch or chair. A unique floor lamp with a beautiful piece of wall art will help to bring your space together to enjoy throughout the school year. So, if you are looking for the perfect furniture and accessories to make your dorm room or apartment the most comfortable throughout the school year, then go visit Universal Hotel Liquidators today!

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Student Furniture is Still Available Here at UHL!

September 1st, 2017

We are still selling furniture that suits the college student or people looking for apartment furniture. If you are looking for for furniture that is compact enough to fit in a small space, but also provides the versatility and style needed - then visit Universal Hotel Liquidators today. We have a wide selection of furniture and decor to maximize your space - even if it is a shoe box size apartment! From couches and loveseats to appliances and and tables - we have everything you need to style your space.

For dorm rooms, we have everything from mirrors to mini fridges. You can have the perfect dorm room accessories for prices more than half off retail price! Why spend over $100 for a mini fridge, when you can get one at UHL  for under $50? We get furniture and appliances directly from hotel liquidations, to give you the best price.

We also have a variety of residential furniture that would fit nicely in an apartment. For living rooms, we have small loveseats, couches and chaise lounges. You can have a couch with a comfortable chair to compliment it, and still have money to accessorize. For kitchens, we have tables, chairs and many designer paintings to add character to your space. For bedrooms, we have bed frames, dressers and decorative mirrors available in different sizes and colors.

Aside from offering individual pieces, we also offer complete commercial room packages. These often come with bed sets, night stands, lamps, armchairs, desks, artwork and even curtains! This way, you do not have to spend hours trying to find the perfect furniture to pair together. You will get designer pieces from top hotels, that compliment each other and will pull the whole room together. If you are interested in furnishing or redesigning your dorm room or apartment, contact Universal Hotel Liquidators today.

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UHL Back to School Dorm and Apartment Furniture

August 22nd, 2017

If you are a student in the New Haven area going back to school, then UHL has the perfect furniture for you. Don’t spend hundreds of dollars on furniture from IKEA that won’t last more than a few years. We are always getting top quality lightly-used or brand new furniture from hotel liquidations. From top hotels like the Marriott and the Four Seasons in NYC - we are always getting professionally designed furniture and delivering it to our customers at an honest price. For students going back to school, we have the perfect dorm room or apartment items. We have functional desks for under 60 dollars that can be paired with a comfortable desk chair for under 20 dollars and lamps and night stands for under 50 dollars! For living room accessories, we have coffee tables for around 30 dollars, a chaise lounge for under 100 dollars and a sofa for under 100. We have flat screen TVs for under 100 dollars and a mattress and box set for just a little over 100 dollars. Finally, for your kitchen area, you can get a table and four chair set for only $149.95! Come visit us in West Haven today to see more all of the stock we have in store! We are constantly getting new furniture in, which may not always be updated on the site. You can have your dorm room or apartment furniture under budget, and still have money to accessorize your room or buy books. Why spend a fortune at traditional furniture stores, when you can get the same or even better quality furniture at an affordable price? We have everything the college student needs at wholesale prices!
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Get Specially Designed Furniture at Honest Prices!

August 17th, 2017

For last minute furniture deals, you can count on Universal Hotel Liquidators to provide you with quality summer furniture at incredible deals. Any furniture store around UHL simply cannot beat our prices. We get the best furniture from many top-rated hotels like the Hilton, Four Seasons, The Marriott, etc. You cannot find this specially made and designed furniture elsewhere.

Compared to Ikea, our furniture is not only less expensive but is meant to last for years and years. It’s sturdy and well-made furniture that is hard to find nowadays at other retailers. UHL sells everything from kitchen, living room, bedroom and outdoor furniture. You can even find appliances like t.v.s and refrigerators. You can many pieces of furniture for 70 percent off the retail price or more.

You can find amazing deals here at Universal Hotel Liquidators. How about a flat screen t.v. for under 100 dollars? We have one for $74.95, one for $89.95 and one for $129.95! We have many couches for under 200 dollars that are in mint condition. Not all of our furniture is lightly used, a lot of it is brand new in the package. We also have many arm chairs for under 80 dollars, which is a bargain! You can find many designer materials at more than half the price off from suede to leather.

If you are looking for kitchen accessories, we have everything you need for your kitchen. We have kitchen tables and many are priced under 300 dollars. We also have many kitchen chairs for as low as 20 dollars. You can have the perfect room in your house with designer hotel furniture at honest prices. So contact Universal Hotel Liquidators today to get your professionally designed furniture

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Hurry! Our Furniture is Selling Out Fast!

August 15th, 2017


As Universal Hotel Liquidators is constantly having new inventory coming in and old inventory going out, you’re guaranteed to spot new and exciting finds each week. Our inventory is not guaranteed to stay and furniture sell out fast! We’re always getting new furniture in, from beds and couches to artwork and outdoor furniture.

Right now we are still getting in shipments of outdoor furniture. For those who still would like to enjoy the last days of summer, this is a great opportunity to do so. We still may get outdoor couches, chairs, tables, umbrellas, coffee tables and lounge chairs, so come by weekly to catch the new inventory! We collect inventory from hotels, motels and businesses that wish to give us their lightly used/ new furniture. You can discover great finds from hotel liquidations that cannot be discovered in stores. The quality furniture that comes from these hotels are top notch.

We only take quality pre-owned and new furniture. We establish a relationship with the companies we work with before we take their inventory to ensure quality. If you are a company, business or hotel, we can start the liquidation process. Don’t just throw out your old furniture that is 5 to 10 years old. You can turn it around for a profit, if it is in quality condition.

Aside from selling furniture, we occasionally get appliances like stoves and refrigerators. Right now, we have mini fridges, large fridges, stoves and televisions. We are always getting in new shipment, so you might see more unique appliances, at great prices. Mini fridges as low as $29.95 just cannot be beat! We also have safes starting at $29.95. For furniture and accessories for your home or business that are offered at incredibly low prices - come by Universal Hotel Liquidators today!

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We are Still Selling Summer Furniture!

July 20th, 2017

We are still getting summer furniture in here at Universal Hotel Liquidators! If you are still looking to create the perfect summer space, why not purchase a new set of outdoor furniture? We recently sold a beautiful outdoor loveseat, coffee table and lounge chair set that would go perfect with any home.

Our summer furniture is selling fast, so if you still want to pick up our last minute summer furniture options, then come down today! Our deals on new and lightly used furniture from hotel liquidation are the best around.

From outdoor bars and stools to patio furniture, we can assure that you will have the best outdoor space for the summer. For a place to relax by the fire or just to have a quiet outdoor oasis, Universal Hotel Liquidators has the perfect outdoor furniture at an affordable price.

The perfect outdoor lounging space will allow to sit in the sun - or the shade - and enjoy pristine views of nature. We have cushioned chairs and sectionals that allow for a cozy place for guests to gather around for easy entertainment. If you are interested in transforming your yard into a perfect getaway for you family and friends, contact us today!

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The Perfect Outdoor Furniture for Summer

July 10th, 2017
chaisebarlove_seat        tablesetcouch  

Just in for the summer we have gorgeous pieces of outdoor furniture from a 5 star hotel in New York. Get your outdoor patio looking great this year with like new pieces from Universal Hotel Liquidators. Finding patio furniture at a reasonable price can be almost impossible to find. Here at UHL, you can trust that we offer quality furniture liquidation at the lowest prices.

The type of patio furniture that was just shipped to us in the beginning of July includes lounge chairs, patio tables and umbrellas, outdoor coffee tables and end tables, outdoor lamps and ottomans. The black wicker material of the furniture is a great design and will match anything. Create the ultimate luxurious outdoor escape at your place and host summer parties that will make you the envy of your friends and family.

The lounge chairs are perfect for laying on the grass and reading a novel, or sitting poolside and enjoying the relaxing sounds of the water. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a summer getaway when you can have your own private sanctuary in your own backyard. We also have an outdoor loveseat with a matching coffee table and end table. These are perfect for having friends over for lounging around on a summer night by the bonfire. We also have a wicker bar set with two stools. These are the perfect addition to any outdoor party, and are guaranteed to take the fun to the next level.

Buy the furniture separate, or purchase the whole collection for the ultimate backyard addition. Make a noticeable difference with your backyard using pieces expertly designed for 5 star hotels. You can now have designer pieces at an affordable price for everyone to enjoy. For a great outdoor spot with plenty of space for friends and family to gather around, contact Universal Hotel Liquidators today!

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