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David White Makes an Appearance on CT Style

David White recently made an appearance on the show CT Style. He talked about his hotel furnishing deals offering trendy decor in West Haven and all over New Haven County. His business liquidates hotels that are either going out of business or are renovating. All of the rooms from the hotel are cleared out and are stored in the UHL warehouse.

UHL offers many modern and trendy decor ideas to decorate your room up to the current style. From pictures and nightstands to couches and lamps, everything is reasonably priced. A lot of the furniture, as White explains, comes from the New York Hotel location of Waldorf Astoria. They are under a 2 year renovation plan, and UHL is currently getting all of their inventory. Other hotels include the Marriott in New York, where the store has about 50 of their pictures and wall art currently.

Being open since 1999, UHL has been dedicated to providing trendy and quality furniture at a fraction of the price. Not all of the furniture is gently used, some of the furniture is brand new from stores or hotels. A Sterns and Foster mattress at the original price of $3,500 is now selling in the store at $599. Another piece of furniture, a cheetah print Chaise lounge, is from the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in New York. The original price of the chair is $1,500, but the store is selling it for the bargain price of $375. By shopping at UHL, you can not only get lavish furniture without overspending, but you will get quality furniture to last for years!






The Perfect Furniture for the Holidays

The holidays are coming up, so don’t wait to get great furniture to entertain with. We picked out pieces at reasonable prices, that will work for larger crowds. We have a green chaise lounge for comfortable seating, a tall floor lamp, a fashionable armless chair, an ottoman/coffee table, a table with four chairs, and a flat screen t.v.

This is the ultimate package to get your family together this season. From comfortable seating, to tables for dining options, your family and friends will have a space for catching up with relatives. Our options are not only affordable, but are in great condition with little wear. we get our furniture from hotels and sell it directly to you at a warehouse price. So this season you will not only be able to have extra money in your pocket for buying gifts, but you will also be ale to spend more time with family in an inviting space. So contact us today for incredible deals on quality furniture that will last from season to season.

Bedroom for College Apartment


This is our bedroom collection for a college apartment. This package includes a: bed, glass end table, table lamp, desk, desk chair, long mirror, floor lamp, chair and a dresser. These stylish furniture options create an efficient space ideal for studying. The right furniture can make a world of difference for a small apartment space.

Our furniture is designed for the top hotels, with the top levels of comfort. You are able to utilize your space with decorative, comfortable pieces. Transform your apartment from dull to looking as if it was designed professionally. When designing on a budget, your room does not have to appear boring!

Kitchen Package for Students

Our Kitchen package for college students consists of: a table with 4 chairs, a modern style floor lamp, a large mirror, an ottoman, a mini fridge, and a piece of art work. This stylish package is a nice addition to any apartment or dorm room. This gives you a way to maximize your kitchen space, while filling it with quality, affordable pieces.

You are able to add personality to your kitchen space, without breaking the bank. You can turn a plain kitchen into a new space that’s entertainment-friendly. You can have the feel of a newly designed kitchen, without the sticker shock!

Waldorf Astoria


Waldorf Astoria is an upscale hotel in New York with an art deco style. This 5-star hotel has exquisite taste and lavish rooms that are each individually decorated.   We established a partnership with them, and they provide us furniture you can’t find elsewhere. They source us with luxurious furniture to bring to you at a fantastic price. Their furniture hotel liquidation stock includes couches, art work, night stands, tables, beds, and so much more! With quality furniture at this price, it will not stay. They have top interior designers at their hotel who design the furniture that we resell to consumers for a fraction of the cost.

Being close to the best shopping, businesses and entertainment around, they are established as a city landmark. Many well-known people come in again and again to stay for their famous room service and amenities. This historical hotel has been apart of New York City for years.

So why not have designer furniture to display in your house without paying the designer price? With our contacts in the hotel industry, we are able to provide you deals that are competitive with some of the top furniture brands. We offer furniture at a huge discount price from the retailers around us. To view a list of all of the furniture deals we offer, click here. We would love to work with you to pick out the best furniture around!

3 Reasons to Choose UHL for Hotel Liquidation

Wide Variety – Our furniture varieties include from bedding to room accents such as vases. You can find most of your furniture here without having to shop at multiple places. We offer complete room packages, some including: bed sets, coffee tables, nightstands, side chairs, artwork and fixtures. We carry most of the furniture needed for homeowners everywhere. We’re always getting in new shipments, so you’ll never know what we’ll have from week to week.

Quality Furniture – Our furniture comes from some of the best hotels in the country. Most of our furniture is commercial grade, which can last for decades and resists wear. Pre-owned does not mean worn, and some of the oldest our furniture is 5 years old. This means the furniture is only ⅓ of the way through its lifespan.

Cheap Pricing – Products are offered at a discount rate from motels, hotels or businesses. We sell products individually or as a set. If you buy products as a set, you save even more money. Our furniture is in great quality and offered at wholesale deals from some of the top hotels.Competing retailers will often sell their products 2 to 3 times the prices we do. This gives you a chance to buy more products for your home than you can at other furniture places.

Preparing For College Dorm Furnishing Days

If you are a college student, it is difficult to shop for furniture at a bargain price. From college textbooks, to tuition costs – the last thing a student needs is to be thinking about are the costs for furnishing their dorm rooms.

The good news is at Universal Hotel Liquidators, you can find quality furniture that you can’t find in common stores, at a much cheaper price! Name brands from top hotels are often given to us that we resale for way less than the original price. We get furniture from hotels like the Hilton, the Hyatt, Marriott Hotel, Waldorf Astoria, and the list goes on..

Some of the furniture we sell that will be perfect for a college students are: Bedding, desks, night stands, lamps, art work, chairs, couches, mirrors, dressers, tables, cheap desk chairs, etc. Any kind of furniture you would need for your dorm room, we are likely to have. What a student can take away from this experience besides quality furniture is money left over in their pocket.

We establish connections with some of the best hotels, who have some of the best quality furniture in the industry. We bargain with top brands to give you prices near half of what leading competitors around us ask. We can assure you that you can find furniture that is not only cost effective, but will last for years!

Complete Room Packages

Here at Universal Hotel Liquidators, we offer complete room packages from hotel liquidation. Rooms include large beds and nightstands, to dressers and artwork. Some of the room packages come from prestigious hotels like: Waldorf Astoria, New York NY, Mandarin Hotel, Washington, DC, Hyatt at the Bellevue, Philadelphia PA, Hilton NY, Hilton Times Square and Embassy Suites, Delaware. When hotels need furniture removal, we get a wide variety of different and unique styles. We get furniture from hotels who, at retail, spend in the thousands for this furniture. We are giving it to our customers at a great discounted price from retail value. The furniture is top quality for some of the best hotels in the area. You can save time and money -and there are many possibilities to choose from with our room packages!

waldorf_astoriaThe Waldorf, Astoria Hotel in New York is a historic, and iconic hotel. The Waldorf Astoria Hotel Has over 100 years of history, labeled by Conrad Hilton “The Greatest Hotel of them All.” The Waldorf hotel was built in 1893 by millionaire William Waldorf. It was a 13 story building on the corner of 5th Avenue and 33rd Street. The Waldorf merged with the Astoria Hotel owned by his cousin John Jacob Astor IV, four years later in 1897. John Jacob Astor died on the Titanic in 1912, and William Waldorf Astor died in 1919. In 1929, the grandest hotel in the world had closed, but soon reopened its current location in 1931. This is the tallest hotel in the world located on Park Avenue New York, where President Hoover announced its opening. The Hotel eventually became a chain an opened different locations across the U.S.  It has shopping, spa services, bars, and business offers – you do not need to leave the hotel! It also had every U.S. President as a guest since Herbert Hoover. We currently collect furniture from the iconic hotel and its gets passed down direct to the consumers for a major discount!

We are proud to bring this fabulous furniture for sale here in Connecticut!

Redesign on a Dime with CT Style!

We recently appeared on CT Style to go over how you can redesign on a dime! With our vast selection of furniture from hotels all throughout the country, and our cheap prices – you can still design your room on a budget. Every 6 years is when hotels usually refurnish, and that is when we get their furniture at discount prices direct to the consumer.

You can find name brand, quality furniture that come from the top hotels. Hotels we commonly get furniture from are the Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons, and Latham Hotel. We get past down furniture that can be priced near 1000 dollars and above, that you get get for a bargain price of under 200. We sell quality furniture and get weekly shipping from the top hotels in the country.

From furniture, to artwork, our company will style your entire room. We also receive items from retailers who have a surplus of goods. To get you a great bargain, we travel throughout the entire country! We have many different styles and color choices to give you our customers a large variety. So stop in today to see how our store can service you to give your new room a dramatic new look!

What is There To Hate About Hotels? A Few Things Actually

So how do you guys feel about hotels? We know that you love hotel furniture (because why else would you be here right?) but what’s your favorite thing about staying at a hotel? What about the worst?

We’re asking because as hotel liquidators we’re tied closely to a hotel’s quality control thought process. After all the main function of liquidation is to allow a hotel to clear out items that they deem no longer up to their standards so they can create room for something better. But, while important, we all know that we judge a hotel on more than just its furniture.

The folks at recently put together a list of hotel trends that they wish would die. Just vanish. And among them are several entries we certainly agree with, such as paying for WIFI and hotels that don’t offer room service.

For the full list take a look at’s article and feel free to let us know if there are any you’d like to add.