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Quality Furniture Can Also Be Affordable!

  If you are searching for less expensive furniture outlets in CT to save money for other home projects, you should stop in at Universal Hotel Liquidators. We have everything that you would need for your home or office, for a fraction of the price of Ikea and other furniture stores. If you are not looking to pay the steep retail furniture price, then you have come to the right place! Furniture places like Ikea are where many people - including apartment renters and students - go to find furniture. Although they do have furniture cheap, the quality is lacking. Unless you are looking for furniture to last only a few years, going with Universal Hotel Liquidators will provide you with top grade furniture from often 4 and 5-star hotel liquidations. Furnishing a home can be very expensive. Once you move into a home or apartment, you have to worry about an additional expense of furniture. You do not have to get everything brand new, and you still get quality, lightly used furniture with UHL. You are still getting that great look with brand new, high-quality furniture that lasts for years. As department furniture stores have lost their quality and reliability, you can rely on Universal Hotel Liquidators for furniture that is affordable and built to last for years. As one of the Northeast's premierĀ clearance furniture liquidators, we always have new, custom designed furniture from top hotels like the Marriott and Four Seasons, that are slightly used or even brand new. We slash the prices at least 50% off and up - so we always pass great savings onto you. When you go to furnish your next room, keep us in mind and you'll have extra money to spend on your home!

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