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Discount Furniture Available at Universal Hotel Liquidators

If you are looking for furniture outlets in CT, then Universal Hotel liquidators is your go-to place for furniture. We have everything you need for residential or commercial spaces, and we have discount furniture from retail prices. What is even better about these deals is that it is not a limited time offer, but available at our store always!

Finding quality furniture liquidators can be a challenge in itself. Some furniture liquidators do not have the volume or the equipment to transport a lot of furniture into their warehouse. At Universal Hotel Liquidators, we have 75 licensed drivers and have the capability to clear out 200 to 300 hotel rooms in one night. Choosing a professional furniture liquidator that has been in the business for years is a great way to determine if you will get quality deals and furniture.

From couches to kitchen tables, you can make any space come alive with our great discount furniture deals. Whether you need furniture for a living room, an office, a kitchen, or bedroom - Universal Hotel Liquidators can supply you with the furniture and accessories that you need.

If you need hotel asset recovery, Universal Hotel Liquidators has been liquidating furniture since 1999. We have up to 100 trucks to ensure your hotel liquidation will go smoothly. For the hotel liquidation professionals, contact Universal Hotel Liquidators today!

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