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Residential and Commercial Furniture at Wholesale Prices

When searching for Furniture outlets CT with wholesale priced furniture, it is often difficult to find around the New Haven area. Hotel liquidations from Universal Hotel Liquidators does not mean the furniture it is worn out - in fact many of the pieces that we take from hotels are in brand new in-package condition. We get many room packages from hotels, that are perfect for the individual looking to redesign a whole room in their house. Our furniture is also great for the commercial consumer, where you can furnish the entire floor of your company. With these deals, the only thing to lose out on is not purchasing them!

Every type of furniture piece you can imagine is probably offered at Universal Hotel Liquidators. The great discount furniture selection is what brings customers back again and again. Why pay top price for an in-fashion chair, when you can spend a fraction of the cost and still be up-to-date with style? The furniture that we get at warehouse deals can be yours at a fraction of what Ikea costs. You do not have to pay top price for stylish furniture. Here at UHL, we can offer you everything from appliances to couches, all at a bargain price.

If you want residential furniture in West Haven at wholesale prices, we get furniture from hotels, motels and businesses. For those looking to liquidate furniture, we will be there at a moment’s notice. We have been in the New Haven Furniture business for years, and will gladly help you liquidate or purchase furniture. Since 1999, we have been liquidating hotel furniture, being apart of the hotel asset recovery. Each liquidation is beneficial to both parties, which is the reason we still do business with many of the same clients.

If you are interested in liquidation, the process always goes smoothly. We have the resources (100 trucks and 75 drivers) to help safely deliver your furniture to our warehouse. We regularly clear 200 - 300 hotel rooms in one night - so we can clear hotels in a prompt fashion. We will be able able to create a liquidation schedule together that will meet your guidelines. Whether you are looking to liquidate hotel furniture, or just purchase new items - Universal Hotel Liquidators is your go-to place for all things furniture!

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