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Design Your Space at A Low Price!

If you are looking for discount furniture to compliment rooms in your home or apartment, UHL has everything you need to design on a dime. Our hotel liquidations include a lot of classic and traditional furniture which will add character to your space. With a wide range of styles and colors to chose from, our furniture will create high-drama to go perfectly for different types of spaces.

If you want relaxed, contemporary or fun and eclectic - Universal Hotel Liquidators has everything to cater to your personal style. Our furniture is ideal for students, apartment owners and even homeowners or businesses looking to extra extra pieces of furniture or decor without breaking the bank. Whether you are looking for comfortable sofas or accent chairs, we have just the design for you.

We also have many multi-functional pieces in our warehouse. These pieces are not only versatile but can save space and money. We have a stylish ottoman that can double as a coffee table. We also have couches that are also sleepers for extra guests. We an end table that also function as extra storage spaces, an armchair with an attached ottoman and a chair from the Mandarin Hotel that also functions as a bench. We even have dressers that can also function as a table.

For living room and dining room areas, we have many different options. For tables, we have different styles from rectangular to round. A great table needs chairs that will go along with it. If you would like to add artwork to decorate your rooms, we have different pieces of framed art that is great for formal or casual spaces. A decorative room will also benefit from having an intricate mirror. This will not only add glamour to your room but also make it look bigger by creating depth and reflecting light.

So if you are looking to add style to your space, then contact Universal Hotel Liquidators. We receive deliveries from hotels/motels and other places of business to deliver you great furniture at warehouse deals. Update your space with new or quality pre-owned furniture from top hotels.

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