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Redesign Your Space at Unbeatable Prices!

December 20th, 2018

At Universal Hotel Liquidators, you can find the best discount furniture deals around New Haven County. We are the hotel liquidators that have been in business for 50 years. Our hotel liquidations come from many top hotels like the Four Seasons and The Marriott, giving our customers quality, hotel grade furniture that lasts years longer than traditional furniture.

We have tons of clearance furniture deals from individual pieces to accessorize a room to full room packages. We shop elsewhere when you have everything you need for your building here, all at a low price. We offer the same furniture that you would find in a retail furniture store, only at wholesale prices. For residential furniture, you can find many items you need from desk lamps to armoires. For commercial furniture for furnishing lobbies or wings of hotels, we have comfortable sofas and artwork. There is something for everyone here at UHL - all at unbeatable prices!

Whether you are a college student, a new apartment owner or a business owner - why pay top dollar for furniture? With UHL, you are getting similar furniture with better quality that will last about 3 times the life of commercial furniture stores. UHL also takes hotel liquidation from hotels, motels and places of business. We make sure the furniture is in great, usable condition for our customers. We have up to 100 trucks and 75 licensed drivers to make the liquidation process run quickly and smoothly! We are known to clear 200 - 300 hotel rooms a night, since every day a room is not used means a loss of money for your hotel!

With UHL, you can have quality furniture that lasts for years! Forget about commercial furniture that will many times only last 2-3 years if you are lucky! Furniture from us is meant for hotel use, meaning thousands of people have used the furniture and it still holds up well. Contact Universal Hotel Furniture today for reliable furniture that will work great in any space!

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Furniture Makes Great Gifts for the Holidays!

December 15th, 2018
Here at Universal Hotel Liquidators, we have a lot of new inventory at our West Haven furniture liquidators location. We are always getting new inventory in, so be sure to check out the inventory we just received from November. Hurry in, since our furniture sells out quickly. A new piece of furniture can be the perfect gift for the holidays, so stop in to view the new inventory! The pieces of furniture that have arrived are everything from couches to chairs. We have New Haven furniture that will go great in any living room or bedroom. The brown sofa, chair and ottoman would go great in a living room along with leaf printed artwork and a striped wooden chair. A bedroom would work well with the cherry colored dresser, the floor lamp, desk, end tables, and mirrors. The stunning furniture would be great for accent pieces or even great to gift someone for Christmas! Whatever your decorating needs are, UHL can help you to find the perfect furniture for your space. If you are in the New Haven county area, stylish hotel furniture for sale for the holidays is available at a reasonable price. Whether you need apartment furniture or furniture for commercial space - we've got you covered! Instead of purchasing furniture from retail furniture stores and paying near triple the price, save money by purchasing hotel liquidations. The hotel liquidation process is super easy, and UHL will work within your schedule to get the furniture moving quickly. Our staff uses superior customer care to avoid damage to furniture and give your great results every time. Visit Universal Hotel Liquidators today.
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One-of-a-Kind Pieces with Pre-Loved Furniture!

November 27th, 2018

Buying second-hand furniture does not at all mean that the furniture is low quality or looks faded. With pre-loved furniture, it's an adventure where you can often find many one-of-a-kind pieces that you will never be able to find in a retail furniture store today. There are many benefits to pre-loved furniture finds, and one of them is saving you money!

With second-hand furniture, going the path of purchasing thrifty furniture finds can lead to high-quality stuff. Furniture that is great quality will last for decades, and buying something used that was around for years proves that the furniture was made with good materials. Second-hand furniture that has aged is often made of real wood, and not particle board with formaldehyde like many retail stores sell. This not only will save you money but will also improve indoor health.

When purchasing discount furniture from hotel liquidations, there are also many other benefits. You can reduce waste by reusing resources, especially furniture that comes without packaging. Every used item has its own history and comes with a unique story. With hotel liquidation, you know that you are getting quality, commercial grade furniture that is built to last.

With Universal Hotel Liquidators, you are getting furniture that is commercial grade quality. The unique, one-of-a-kind pieces will furnish your space in style with furniture that no one else will have! Affordable furniture does not by any means equal cheap, so stock up today at Universal Hotel Liquidators to get second-hand furniture with its own unique style and personality.

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New Haven Furniture Deals

November 14th, 2018

When you are looking for furniture deals in New Haven, the best place to search is at a furniture liquidator store. Furniture liquidators offer hotel furniture for sale or liquidated furniture from other businesses, which in turn gives you great furniture at an affordable price. Don’t bother with a retail furniture outlet that will charge you 10x the amount of the liquidated furniture price. The quality is not always guaranteed at a retail furniture outlet, but with hotel liquidations, you are getting hotel grade furniture meant to last years longer than retail furniture!

With Universal Hotel Liquidators, New Haven furniture is easier than ever to find at a reasonable price! UHL offers complete room packages filling entire rooms or just individual furniture pieces for decor to an existing room. We have something for everyone whether you are in a dorm, own an apartment, need furniture for a business or just need to furnish your home. From lamps and couches to artwork and appliances, we have something to furnish every room - for less.

With hotel furniture, you are getting commercial grade quality that lasts longer than retail furniture. The wood used is stronger to withstand heavy use, while retail furniture will often scratch easier or become weak. The lightly used to even brand new hotel furniture for sale at Universal Hotel Liquidators will provide you with quality furniture often up to 80% off their original price!

You can get great furniture throughout the New Haven area with everything you can possibly need to furnish your home office or even hotel. We meet all of your needs and will find the right furniture for you upon your request. So visit Universal Hotel Liquidators today and see our warehouse in person to find a full selection of the best items in store!

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Limited Quantities Available – Get It Before It’s Gone!

October 30th, 2018

With Universal Hotel Liquidators, furnishing a home, apartment, dorm or even a lobby area can be done on a budget with bargain prices at our warehouse in West Haven, CT. With pieces of furniture that can be bought at a fraction of the price from retail furniture stores, you can fully furnish a room or entire building for a whole lot less at our furniture outlets in CT! Why spend 3x the money in a retail furniture store, when you may not get the quality passed down from liquidated hotel furniture?

With hotel liquidation, you are getting second hand furniture from hotel/motels or other businesses looking to get rid of slightly used furniture. We often get furniture that is from top 4 and 5 star hotels like THe Mandarin Oriental and Four Seasons. Some cheap furniture is even brand new in its packaging - and still offered at a tremendous discount.

We are constantly getting new inventory, so you never know what deals you will find at UHL! Furniture is only sold in limited quantities, so act fast. When you buy furniture here, it will last for years and is made with hotel grade quality. Furniture bought from many retail furniture stores often lasts a couple of years before it wears down. Buy furniture that is made with commercial grade quality, and you will save money and aggravation!

Whether you are looking for beds, tables, artwork or appliances - UHL has it all for less. You can most of the furniture that you would need right here in our warehouse. Why look elsewhere when you can get the same pieces for less. With hotel furniture for sale, you are getting better quality here that will save you money and will last. Visit Universal Hotel today so you don't miss out on the variety of furniture that you will not find elsewhere!

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Our Discount Furniture Is Never Cheaply Made!

October 15th, 2018

Discount furniture does not have to be viewed as cheap! In fact, cheap furniture stores like Universal Hotel Liquidators sell quality furniture for more reasonable prices. We get hotel liquidations from many top hotels like Fours Seasons and the Hilton hotels. They are still in slightly used and great condition, but every few years hotels update their inventory. This means that they get rid of their slightly used furniture, and many of their pieces may even be given to us brand new in the package!

When people think of discount furniture, they also think of low quality. But, with UHL, you are getting furniture specifically made for commercial use. This means the wood and materials used are much stronger than regular retail furniture, and will last much longer.  UHL has a wide variety of furniture to fill bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, lobbies, offices and more! With unique pieces they get in weekly, you never know what you are going to find at UHL!

You can finally have the furniture you need at affordable prices. When you pick up affordable furniture at UHL, you do not have to worry about the quality of the life of the furniture. We inspect all furniture we have liquidated to make sure it is in pristine condition before it is sold on our floor.

So come in today to Universal Hotel Liquidators today to have both reliable and affordable furniture for any room in your residential or commercial building. Save money on furniture so you can be multiple pieces to furnish multiple rooms! Redesigning your home does not have to be expensive with UHL, so visit our West Haven Warehouse today!

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Add a Little TLC to Any Room with UHL Furniture!

September 19th, 2018

Adding affordable furniture from Universal Hotel Liquidators gives the perfect touch to any room needing a little extra TLC. Whether you are looking for a nice end table or multiple pieces of furniture to fill a whole room, you can furnish affordably with the fine selection from Universal Hotel Liquidators. Our furniture is made of quality materials, being liquidated from many top hotels to give you a personal and affordable price.

Hotels only use the best quality of furniture so they last for years of wear. You will many times see prices in our store of 70% off retail value. We also many times have items brand new in packaging from hotels updating their floors every few years with different furniture. The savings then will get passed on to our customers, who end up getting much better quality furniture than what you will find at retail furniture stores - and for a fraction of the cost!

You can now find cheap furniture stores that offer classic pieces of furniture at a great deal to you. Add character and style to your home without breaking the bank with pieces like floor lamps, wall art or even mirrors. You may be looking for accent pieces or regular furniture like couches, beds and tables. Many of our furniture pieces come from the Hilton, Marriott and Four Seasons hotels so you know that you are getting good quality.

Here at Universal Hotel Liquidators, we are famous throughout the New Haven County area for our large warehouse and discount furniture prices. Whether you need furniture for an office, home or even hotel, we’ve got you covered with our bargain prices. You can have multiple pieces for the price of one piece of furniture at many retail furniture stores. So save today with Universal Hotel Liquidators and have the furniture that you want for less!

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You Don’t Have to Spend a Fortune for Great Furniture!

September 9th, 2018

For great furniture, you do not need to spend a fortune! With Universal Hotel Liquidators, you can get quality furniture in the New Haven County area for a whole lot less. With furniture coming from top hotels in the country like the Mariott and Four Seasons in New York, you can get furniture made for 5 star hotels, for many times half the price or more off the retail price. The furniture is always in great shape - it is always lightly used or sometimes even brand new in packaging. With Universal Hotel Liquidators, you are always getting the best deals on furniture for your home or office!

For furniture outlets in CT, Universal Hotel Liquidators surpasses even the best furniture stores. They have everything from beds and nightstands for bedrooms to refrigerators and tables for kitchens. Everything that you would need for an apartment, home or office - Universal Hotel Liquidators will have. Whether you are looking to furnish a room or the entire lobby of your company, Universal Hotel Liquidators you can get the furniture you need at the price you want.

When people buy new furniture, it is often overpriced and will show signs of use right away. 2nd hand furniture often gets a bad, undeserved reputation. Since UHL furniture is specially made with hotel grade quality, it will not wear like many of the modern furniture pieces at retail furniture stores. You will get years of use from the woods and will not be disappointed from the quality furniture that you are getting for a whole lot less.

We are the furniture liquidators that have everything you need to fully furnish kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, offices and so much more! You can furnish nearly an entire room for the price you would pay for one piece of furniture at a retail furniture store. Visit Universal Hotel Liquidators today to experience the savings without having to sacrifice on quality!

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Affordable Furniture for One Room or the Entire Home!

August 21st, 2018
When many people think of affordable furniture, they make think of it being inferior in quality. This may be true for many of the leading retail stores who often use particle board instead of real wood. However, here at Universal Hotel Liquidators, we take pride in selling you the best in quality and affordable furniture, including inexpensive living room sets and cheap sofas. What sets us apart from other retail furniture stores is that we do not charge anywhere near the price of new furniture. The price that furniture retails for is often too expensive for the average person to afford. They often have to pay in stages in order for the full price to be paid off. We believe that you can get quality furniture without breaking the bank, and even having money left over to accessorize your home. Since most of our furniture is commercial grade quality, it is built to last for years even with heavy use. The upscale hotel furnishings that we receive are in great condition and are, in many cases, only ⅓ of the way into their lifespan. Any discount furniture may be looked at as a bad option when in reality, it is a great deal. Located in West Haven, Universal Hotel Liquidators is the perfect furniture outlet to find everything from couches and beds to lamps and mirrors. We have all of the basic furnishings that you would need for an apartment, office or home. We have multiple styles and designs in stock from fabric to suede and leather. Each of these is far less in price than what you would spend at a typical retail store. With Universal Hotel Liquidators, you can have hotel furniture quality at unbeatable prices. Who wants to spend full price on furniture when you can get it for 50% off retail price with us? You can buy two pieces of furniture from us for the price of one at a retail furniture store. So come visit Universal Hotel Liquidators today to furnish a whole room for a lot less!
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Quality Furniture Can Also Be Affordable!

August 15th, 2018
  If you are searching for less expensive furniture outlets in CT to save money for other home projects, you should stop in at Universal Hotel Liquidators. We have everything that you would need for your home or office, for a fraction of the price of Ikea and other furniture stores. If you are not looking to pay the steep retail furniture price, then you have come to the right place! Furniture places like Ikea are where many people - including apartment renters and students - go to find furniture. Although they do have furniture cheap, the quality is lacking. Unless you are looking for furniture to last only a few years, going with Universal Hotel Liquidators will provide you with top grade furniture from often 4 and 5-star hotel liquidations. Furnishing a home can be very expensive. Once you move into a home or apartment, you have to worry about an additional expense of furniture. You do not have to get everything brand new, and you still get quality, lightly used furniture with UHL. You are still getting that great look with brand new, high-quality furniture that lasts for years. As department furniture stores have lost their quality and reliability, you can rely on Universal Hotel Liquidators for furniture that is affordable and built to last for years. As one of the Northeast's premier clearance furniture liquidators, we always have new, custom designed furniture from top hotels like the Marriott and Four Seasons, that are slightly used or even brand new. We slash the prices at least 50% off and up - so we always pass great savings onto you. When you go to furnish your next room, keep us in mind and you'll have extra money to spend on your home!
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